The five things every whovian should know.

As many of you probably know I am a huge whovian my favorite doctor is Matt Smith and if I had to be a creature from the show Id be a Dalek or and adipose And I’ve decided that these are the top five things every whovian should know.

1) bow ties, Stetsons, and fezes are all cool.

2) the T.A.R.D.I.S is bigger on the inside than it is on the outside not smaller on the outside than it is on the inside.

3) Don’t blink.

4) Sonic Screwdrivers don’t work on wood

5) and upward rain means your about to take an unexpected journey.


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I remember as a kid I didn’t really have any toys. I pretty much just sat around doing nothing… sadly that was true until I got my DS.

I counted my bills one more time making sure I had enough. It was the only thing I could do to keep myself from Going insane. I was just to excited. After three months of odd jobs and picking up coins I finally had enough to buy the new Nintendo DS. Once we got to the store jumped out of the car and bounded right towards the game stop–if there was a record for shortest time getting out of a car and getting into a store I would have beaten it. Once I had gotten the DS I jumped right back into the car, my mom had barely even gone five feet before I was done.

After what seemed like ages of driving we finally pulled up my driveway and into the house. Once again, if there was a record for getting out of a car and into a building I would have beaten my personal best. Once I sat down I reached into my pocket and pulled out a copy of Pokemon Platnium and had the best time of my life.


Rows upon rows of games calling me to play them, GameStop is my favorite place in Austin.

One of the best parts about GameStop is the games. Just looking at them is fun. It’s fun trying to pick if you want a shooter,racing or adventure game–all of them are great. Also you can look at all the games and know which ones you’re gonna get next time- it helps a lot more than you think.

Another reason is you get to try the really cool next gen stuff. For instance I remember trying on the new gaming head sets, I didn’t want to take them off! Another really cool next gen item is the Xbox One. It has so many cool features one is just simply the controller. It feels really good in your hands.

So in conclusion, from great games to cool stuff. Game stop is an awesome place.

Deep Down Below


Drip drop slowly the water falls as I ventured into this cave. “Has anyone lived here before? it almost feels like a lair.” But I ventured on, my great grandmother’s last wish was for people to rediscover this place ,but why did no one come here before? Almost immediately my question is answered. All across the floor there’s bones at first. I think, I hope, I wish there were just rat bones, but then my eyes slowly turn and I see the skeleton of something way too large to be a rat.The only weird part was it was holding something… I couldn’t see what it was though.

As I slowly walk towards it music starts playing very softly– almost as if it was trying to stop– almost as if the music itself brings sorrow. As shaken up as I was, I kept moving, determined to find what was in the skeleton’s hands. I finally reached my destination; I see it’s… a mask– just a mask.

I slowly decide I should try it on ,but I am halted by a soft flicker. I turn around to see what it was and I was confronted by hundreds upon hundreds of candles… all of them seemed to be lit, though they weren’t lit before. The candles all seemed to point (if that’s possible) at a throne, but this was a peculiar throne for no king or queen sat upon it–only a cape.

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Why baseball is way more complicated than people think.

I look over at coach as he starts giving me signals. Wait– did he show the indicator, did he tap his left or right shoulder, should I bunt? Ugh, why is baseball so confusing?

Why do we have so many signals? Are the coaches really that paranoid? I’ve played base ball all of my life and I have always wondered “what’s with all the signals?” Most recently we had an indicator which told if the next signal mattered, each signal was on either a left or right limb, and even the amount of taps. All forcing you to take your mind completely off of the game, causing batters to take too much time to get into the box.

Also when your fielding there is never a time when you aren’t doing something. You’re either running for the ball, covering a base or backing up a throw in case they miss it. There’s also rules about who covers the base at certain times there’s fake throws and pickoff throws all decided by numbers the coach shouts out!

So in general I think baseball is an awesome sport and I love to play it it’s just confusing.

Favorite mistake essay

Since we have been working on our essay so much this week I decided to post it to my blog so without further ado here it is.

I slowly walk forward as the line moves up regretting every step ” why did I agree to go on this death trap”,Hoping that wasn’t my last thought. But never less I agreed to ride it and that’s what I’ll do. After what seamed like hours it was our turn. I think to myself I’m gonna die and everyone else is laughing with glee! I board the cart my friend gets in next to me and the bar locks. The cart slowly slides up the slope. I count the seconds it takes to get to the top. 1,2,3,4, 5… the cart lurches down. I start to scream loud I screamed alarm-getting-you-out-of-bed-loud.

The cart races left and right as if it was trying to knock me off I look over at my friend whose throwing his hands up and laughing, screaming,smiling I thought he’d lost his mind. Just as we hit the first loop I scream so loud I think my grand kids heard it.knowing this was the end of my life I thought about all my mistakes for instance riding this stupid thing, but after we hit the loop I was fine and that’s when I realize that I’m gonna be fine and start to enjoy the ride. When the next loop comes around I put my hands up and look over at my friend who’s doing the same thing once we hit the loop adrenaline took over and I wasn’t scared anymore.

Now looking back I couldn’t believe I was scared. I am now afraid of very little coasters(well at least I tell myself that)but,I still don’t find them fun. I actually have started looking in to the science behind them but doing that didn’t help that last little bit of fear, but in the end even though it was a mistake to go on it I’m very happy that I rode the coaster not only did I get over my fear of them I also learned a lesson that in order to conquer something you have to face it.


Being a gamer

In order to be a gamer you have to put in countless hours of practice just to get a chance. It’s taking-the-STAAR-test hard… I’m just kidding, being a gamer doesn’t require hours upon hours–anyone can be a gamer. 


Being a gamer is actually really fun and easy. It’s almost tying- your- shoe- easy all it takes is wanting to game and a little cash too.

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Longhorns victory

Last night I was watching the UT game. It was a really good game. It started rough when west Virginia blocked a punt and forced a safety and went on to score a touchdown. After that Texas fought back. Both teams would march down the field to score, no one had a real lead after that eventually time ran out when they were tied. 40-40 so it went into overtime.

Texas got the first touchdown  by faking the run and passing it to the wide open full back in the inzone West Virginia responded by marching to Texas ten yard line but on 4th and 5 Texas held them to win the game.


I’m a huge fan of riddles here are some of my favorites see if you can figure them out.

1) Poor people have it. Rich people need it. If you eat it you die. What is it?

2) In a one-story pink house, there was a pink person, a pink cat, a pink fish, a pink computer, a pink chair, a pink table, a pink telephone, a pink shower– everything was pink!
What color were the stairs

3)There is a tunnel in the side of a hill. It is only big enough to hold one train, and has only one track. Two trains going the opposite direction entered the tunnel at exactly 8:00 and both left the tunnel on the opposite side which they came in 3 min. later, with no collision. How? 

buying first catchers mit

I remeber the smell of all the leather neatly woaven as I walk along the shelf trying to find the perfect glove. The first I tried was huge and would make it easy to stop the ball it would be hard to manuver the secound one was not padded enough to stop the impact. Then I find the last of its brand in the corner it was perfect the perfect size and perfect amount of padding I couldnt wait to take it home.